Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Emma Look Book

If this is your first time visiting this blog I would appreciate it if you would, before reading this post, go to my "most popular posts of all time" section and read those first. The reason for this request is that today I'm going to be discussing fashion, kind of, and I don't want anyone to think that this is a fashion blog, because it isn't. Thank you. 

Back? OK great.

My personal sense of style is a little hard to pin down. I don't have a lot of money and I have no patience for waiting in line for dressing rooms or putting up with snooty shop girls. I don't pay attention to trends and I really hate it when I can't find anything I like in a store because a bunch of bitches in a room somewhere decided that THIS SPRING IS ALL ABOUT NEON! Fuck those bitches. I like neon fine and all but sometimes I really just want a forest green t-shirt, ya know?  So it's a lot of sales rack finds, thrift store treasures, and mostly things that I never tried on before purchasing them. Anyway. I've been documenting my outfits this week so I figured I'd share that with you. It's easier than formulating full ideas.

Look 1: The Lazy Equestrian.
Shirt and Jeans from Old Navy. Boots from TJMaxx by some cheap brand. A pretty straight ahead look that I wear when I am lazy, but not so lazy that I need to resort to sweatpants.

Hat from Anthropologie. Sweater by Old Navy (size xxl). It was in the sale bin and there was a sign in the store saying everything on sale was an additional 50% off. The hat was originally $250 marked down to $70 so I was like, yeah OK I can do a $35 hat that was originally $250. I'm assuming it's made of unicorn hair or phoenix feather and will reveal it's magical properties to me at some point.
Look 3: The "You don't KNOW that I didn't just come from the Gym." Super lazy look involving spandex from The Gap.
Look 3: Recently Homeless Space Princess
It was snowing but I wanted to wear a pretty dress. Dress by H&M. Boots by Sorel.

Look 4: The Unsupervised 6 year Old
This is a floral dress worn OVER a polka dot skirt because the dress was just a little short and I was like fuckin...whatever I'll just wear a skirt under it. Also note the belt, headband, leg warmers, AND tacky necklace.

Look 4: Recently Homeless And Slightly Provocative Unsupervised 6 Year Old
I'll let you sort this one out.


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