Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 6

I've been green tea fasting today and I'm having a hard time forming interesting thoughts. It rained all day today. Fuck that noise.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 5

 The Murray Road Project: Day 5

Today I walked downtown with the intent of catching a bus to the mall but when I got down there I realized that I had dropped my clip-on wallet that I keep my permit and small bills in, so I walked all the way back thinking I would find it. I did not. Someone else did, however, and they called my parents house and left a message and then I went to pick it up. So everything is fine. But I am exhausted and cranky. Very cranky.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 4

Blog Entry for September 27th, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 4

Today I paid my credit card bill, got offered the job I interviewed for, read parts of several books, and went for a hike. I just got home from the hike, Glee is on soon and I haven't eaten so I'm going to make this quick.
 I had a protein shake for breakfast, apples with cheddar and some crusty bread for lunch, and I'm thinking another protein shake blended with frozen cherries for dinner because I am not in the mood to even boil water. And maybe some spinach but not at the same time.
Overall: Yay I have a job! It starts October 17th which is perfect timing. Yay!
Tomorrow? Not sure!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 3

Blog Entry for September 26th, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 3

This morning the fog is so thick and low-hanging that I can’t see farther than 200 yards in any direction. It is as if the world ends at the edge of my grandparents' property.  The dew is also such that the hundreds of tiny spider webs that lace the lawn  are  glistening on top of the grass in spooky little discs. In short, I woke up in a horror film this morning. Nothing bad has happened yet but until the fog lifts I’m going to be convinced that it still might. My plan is to walk downtown, go to the bank, and hopefully think of something else to do there because it’s a six mile round trip walk which is perfectly manageable but feels like a lot if I’m only going to the bank.

So I went to the bank. It turned out to be a lot hotter than I expected today so by the time I got downtown I was all pitted out and I had to buy a tank top. I also bought “The Lost Continent” by Bill Bryson, a ¼” cable, and some makeup. I took myself to Sarducci’s for lunch (because I was feeling deservish) where I had a caprese salad and their drink special which was grey goose l’orange and tonic. I usually avoid flavored vodka but this was really really yummy. I left feeling satisfied and just buzzed enough to forget how long and uphill the walk home would be. I put on my They Might Be Giant’s Pandora station and had a relatively painless walk home. I chilled for an hour or so and then my mother came over and we rode Elf and Olive (horses). Now I am slightly sunburned and have no less than 12 mosquito bites and one of uncertain origin that feels like an almond under my skin. All in all it was a pretty good day. My only concern is that now I don’t want to spend any more money until my boyfriend gets here and I’m going to have to be more creative about keeping myself entertained from now til Friday. Also, I still haven’t heard about one of the jobs I applied for. She emailed me last week to tell me that they had two positions to fill and more people to interview so it would be “a little while longer” before I’ll hear. On the plus side I have a meeting this Thursday about selling waffles. It would be really nice if I could hear from the first job before this meeting because although they are both part-time there might be a conflict and I’d like to go in knowing where I stand.

I’m getting hungry but I don’t really feel like cooking. I didn’t actually end up having pasta last night so maybe I’ll have pasta tossed with spinach. Nice and easy. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself tomorrow. Probably scour job hunting sites just in case and pay some bills and maybe check out some grad school information and get some writing done and go running and...other things too I suppose. We shall see.

Food And Exercise Log for 9/26/2011
Breakfast: Special K Protein Shake
Snacks: Rice cakes and apples
Lunch: Caprese salad and some bread
Dinner: Whole wheat pasta tossed with spinach and tomato
Drinks: 1 Vodka Tonic
           1 Long Trail Belgian White

note: I know a diet in which I refuse to give up pasta and alcohol isn’t a very serious diet but I’m not trying to enter any beauty pageants here, and pasta and alcohol make me happy, which makes me more willing to eat smaller portions and avoid cheese.

Walked 3 miles downhill
Walked 3 miles uphill
Rode a horse that was lazy in the ring and constantly trying to eat leaves on the trail. This counts as exercise. Trust me.
3 sets 30 crunches with various modifications (Jillian Michaels style)
3 sets 12 squats into a shoulder press w 2 10lb hand weights
3 sets 15 rows into a bicep curl w 2 10 lb hand weights
stretching (also known as lying on the floor with my knees to my chest while watching tv)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 2

Blog entry for September 25th, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 2

Today went about as planned. I woke up, fed the animals, did some laundry, and left for my soccer game at about 10:30. My game was at noon in Williston and we lost but I had fun and I didn't get any blisters. My parents and I went to Big Lots in Essex afterward and I picked up some more Special K protein shakes and some Bumble&Bumble shampoo and conditioner at about a third of it's normal price. I love Big Lots. I'm not ashamed to say so.  I rode with my parents back to Moretown where I played with our cattle dog, Hazel, for a while and then got a ride back to Montpelier with my mom. Before dropping me off we went to Price Chopper and I picked up some sea scallops, some ahi tuna steaks, a big ass tub of baby spinach, some rice cakes, whole grain pasta and some $6.00 spumante. Between all that and my 16 Special K protein shakes which I have found make a perfectly satisfying breakfast at 180 calories each, I feel well prepared for a few days of light eating. When my boyfriend is here we will possibly want to go to Sarduccis and/or The Three Penny Taproom so I need to get my diet on in the meantime. Tonight my menu is grilled tuna with raw baby spinach and a lemon garlic sauce. I'm still trying to decide if I'll need a starch with this. I'd like to avoid any snacking after dinner. I plan on watching the premier of Desperate Housewives tonight as well as that for Pan Am. I'm boycotting animation domination on fox because they canceled Bob's Burgers. Well actually I'm not boycotting. That's not really something I do. And I don't actually know if it was canceled it just isn't on. In short I have not checked my facts and I even though I really like the show I can't bring myself to rouse myself to any action beyond quietly shaking my fist in private. This is why I can't be involved in politics.

Tomorrow 9/26/11:
Weather forecast: low 70s partly sunny
To do: Go to bank. Try not to get shot (the TD bank in Waitsfield got robbed the other day. I almost worked there as a part time weekend teller but I didn't want to go to Nashua, NH for training.)
Goals: Run 2 miles. BUST some core and butt exercises (I've decided that talking like Jillian Michaels makes working out easier). Ride a horse. Practice guitar(s).
Inclement weather/extra free time options: Strength training. Write a chapter in "my novel". Sew some pajama shorts.
Things that I'd like to do but aren't particularly productive or practical: Go to the thrift store and find something onto which I can sew the pockets from my dissected Ralph Lauren cargo pants. Beer. Work on my dance moves.

Food and Exercise Diary for 9/25
Exercise: Soccer. About 45 minutes (we had subs today!).
Food: Breakfast: Special K Protein Shake 180 Calories
          Lunch: Leftover spinach and squash pasta bake. No idea how many calories. Maybe 300.
          Dinner: Tuna with baby spinach and whole wheat linguine (I decided yes.) I'm gonna guess 500.
           Drinks: Spumante. No idea.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 1

Blog Entry for September 24th 2011

The Murray Road Project.

Day 1

Note: I am starting a new blog not because I am a megalomaniac and I think I need more than one, but because this computer does not have microsoft word, so I am using google docs to compose and using the google powered blog to publish is easier.

From today until October 15th I will be house-sitting for my Grandparents in East Montpelier. I am three miles uphill from downtown Montpelier and I do not have a car. I am not complaining about this because it is entirely of my own doing but I just thought I should give my readers a sense of my situation.
At my disposal are cable television (this is an upgrade from my parents’ house), internet (but not wifi), three horses, three cats, one elkhound, some apple trees, lots of nice open property and some woods trails, and a hot tub. On top of all of that is whatever alcohol I choose to bring into the equation, my bass and electric guitars, books, and my own imagination.

My obligations include feeding all of the animals, exercising the dog and horses, cleaning up poop, and generally maintaining the property. My personal commitments include co-ed soccer on Sundays and following up on a couple of other employment opportunities. One of these is an interview that I am waiting to hear back from and the other is a pending interview. My boyfriend will be coming up from NYC to visit me sometime in the next week.  Because I am already sorting out my employment as well as being paid to be here, I am feeling less stressed than I have been in past weeks. Because I don’t have a car and my parents both work during the day I don’t even have the option of worrying about getting home.

The next three weeks are yawning in front of me and even though I know that I’ll probably go a little crazy trying to keep myself occupied I am excited to have the luxury of self-reflection with out the pressure of knowing that there are better things that I could be doing with my time.  I'm helping out my grandparents while making a little money and getting to feel more my age again. I can’t say that I’m not also excited to have a little personal space for a while. I think I’ve done quite well adjusting to not having my own room or my own bathroom or the ability to leave my clothing out in the open without having to worry about them being taken to a middle school and lost to me forever (Nina if you’re reading this you need to get my boots out of your locker and I haven’t forgotten about my coat.If it's still stuck I'm sure that someone can fix it.), but I welcome the prospect of a few square feet that isn’t a traffic zone and a door that closes even if I don’t need it since I’m the only one here.

My personal goals are diet and exercise and catching up on my reading, writing, and musical growth. Also I plan on seeing a few matinees downtown. After all, once I move to NYC the Vermont movie-going experience is going to seem relatively cheap and easy so I might as well take advantage while I can.  I haven’t been grocery shopping yet so I can’t start planning my weekly menu. That will be tomorrow’s task. It’s mid afternoon now and it’s pretty muggy out so I doubt that I’ll head downtown tonight seeing as I have to walk both ways. I’ll  do some core work and watch TV after I walk the dog and feed the horses. Later on I’ll have some gin and work on “my novel”. I haven’t actually started one yet, and I don’t consider myself a writer of fiction, but I’m young enough that I figure if I start it now maybe in ten years I’ll have something good. So far all I have is the idea of post-collegiate 20 somethings who make the mistake of considering themselves adults.

Tomorrow (projected):
Up at 7AM
AM horse and Dog Feedings
AM Dog Walk
12 pm-1 pm Soccer game in Williston (ride from dad)
Forget that the banks aren’t open on Sundays and stop at one to deposit my check
Forget that the good Sushi place isn’t open on Sundays and suggest that we go there for lunch
Eat something relatively disappointing for lunch
Kill Time
PM horse and dog feedings
PM Dog Walk
Stretching, TV, Etc...

Sounds exciting. I know.