Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 2

Blog entry for September 25th, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 2

Today went about as planned. I woke up, fed the animals, did some laundry, and left for my soccer game at about 10:30. My game was at noon in Williston and we lost but I had fun and I didn't get any blisters. My parents and I went to Big Lots in Essex afterward and I picked up some more Special K protein shakes and some Bumble&Bumble shampoo and conditioner at about a third of it's normal price. I love Big Lots. I'm not ashamed to say so.  I rode with my parents back to Moretown where I played with our cattle dog, Hazel, for a while and then got a ride back to Montpelier with my mom. Before dropping me off we went to Price Chopper and I picked up some sea scallops, some ahi tuna steaks, a big ass tub of baby spinach, some rice cakes, whole grain pasta and some $6.00 spumante. Between all that and my 16 Special K protein shakes which I have found make a perfectly satisfying breakfast at 180 calories each, I feel well prepared for a few days of light eating. When my boyfriend is here we will possibly want to go to Sarduccis and/or The Three Penny Taproom so I need to get my diet on in the meantime. Tonight my menu is grilled tuna with raw baby spinach and a lemon garlic sauce. I'm still trying to decide if I'll need a starch with this. I'd like to avoid any snacking after dinner. I plan on watching the premier of Desperate Housewives tonight as well as that for Pan Am. I'm boycotting animation domination on fox because they canceled Bob's Burgers. Well actually I'm not boycotting. That's not really something I do. And I don't actually know if it was canceled it just isn't on. In short I have not checked my facts and I even though I really like the show I can't bring myself to rouse myself to any action beyond quietly shaking my fist in private. This is why I can't be involved in politics.

Tomorrow 9/26/11:
Weather forecast: low 70s partly sunny
To do: Go to bank. Try not to get shot (the TD bank in Waitsfield got robbed the other day. I almost worked there as a part time weekend teller but I didn't want to go to Nashua, NH for training.)
Goals: Run 2 miles. BUST some core and butt exercises (I've decided that talking like Jillian Michaels makes working out easier). Ride a horse. Practice guitar(s).
Inclement weather/extra free time options: Strength training. Write a chapter in "my novel". Sew some pajama shorts.
Things that I'd like to do but aren't particularly productive or practical: Go to the thrift store and find something onto which I can sew the pockets from my dissected Ralph Lauren cargo pants. Beer. Work on my dance moves.

Food and Exercise Diary for 9/25
Exercise: Soccer. About 45 minutes (we had subs today!).
Food: Breakfast: Special K Protein Shake 180 Calories
          Lunch: Leftover spinach and squash pasta bake. No idea how many calories. Maybe 300.
          Dinner: Tuna with baby spinach and whole wheat linguine (I decided yes.) I'm gonna guess 500.
           Drinks: Spumante. No idea.

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