Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st

I already had a post called Halloween so I can't call this one that, but today is Halloween. I worked 9-5. I am wearing a hat that Phil bought in China town last year that is either a red bull, a devil monkey, or a devil bull, a red velvet shirt and a blazer. I am the 9-5 Bull. Wordplay, people.

Today was busy because tomorrow is the day that the Sugarbush college pass goes from being $319 to $419 and as we all know, college kids are lazy and love to procrastinate. Apparently they also like to get really high before trying to make large purchases because a surprising number of calls were from people who were in incapable of completing the online pass form. 
I also got to go take a look a our "luxury" accomondations today. The rooms were about as I expected but the halls smelled nice and the stonework around the elevators was comprised of rough but mica-laden granite which I thought was very pretty. These are the two major selling points as far as I'm concerned.

Last night I made eggplant and cutlets parmigianno  for my dads belated birthday dinner and it totally kicked ass.
I'm really tired today. I think Saturday night is catching up with me. At no point in the night was I unmanageably drunk but I did have 4 drinks and stay up past 2 which is not something I do very often.

Tomorrow I am finally moving into an actual room. The one we're renovating isn't done yet but my sister has agreed to move into our finished basement (don't feel too bad for her. There is a gigantic TV and a Wii down there) so I'm going into her room, which is actually my other sister's old room so when she comes home for holidays and such I'll probably be forced back onto the couch but that's OK. I just need a place to manage my belongings.

We don't normally get many trick-o-treaters but in the off chance that one shows up I guess I should be ready. My costume on saturday night was way creepier but this one is much warmer and easier. So I should go think of ways to strike terror into the hearts of small children should any happen upon our home.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Quite Halloween

This year for Halloween I was a Wealthy But Neglected Victorian 10 year old. My hobbies include getting a head start on my opium addiction and falling into wells. I took my inspiration from Edward Gorey illustrations. I urge you all to check him out if you never have. 

I went to Burlington tonight. A friend of mine was going to meet me but she got held up because of the snow so I wiled away the hours thoroughly committing to my costume and being wicked creepy and awkward.  First I went to Muddy Water coffee house and had one of their warm spirited beverages comprised of hot ginger cider and Jameson and some other stuff. Then I saw both bands at Nectars and had a G&T, a half hard cider half black IPA (this is really delicious), and a Rolling Rock in a can for $2.50. I think I might have left my can in the bathroom trashcan. I  didn't mean to it was just that there were no other stable surfaces and I was kind of drunk so I'm really sorry to anyone who works there. So that was my night. I'm home now and there are a bunch of actual 13 year olds in the basement and if they don't shut up soon I am going to poison each and every one of them at my next nearest convenience. It won't kill them. It will just paralyze their vocal chords until they have anything worth while to scream about. If only such a thing really existed...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bloggin On The Go

This is my first attempt at composing a blog entirely on my iPhone 3GS. I hate it. I mean talk about first world problems, but this is haaaaaarrrrd. please excuse my poor punctuation.

Anyway the reason I'm doing this is because I'm out at one of my dads gigs and I feel like I need to be doing something. There's free wifi here at On The Rise Bakery so I might as well take advantage. Not that I don't have 3G but I don't really Like to fux with that shit.

So OK lets talk about people who can't pull their heads out of their ass long enough to name their kids in a sensible way. There are the obvious culprits like Bronx and Sayshalle, but I want to talk about people who have last names that can be first names who give their kids first names that can be last names,or in some cases, first names that are USUALLY last names. For example: Jordan Taylor. Jackson Cooper. Grayson Scott. Avery Shelley. These are not bad first names but do these parents not see the administrative nightmare that they've created? As a person whose job it is to enter information into computers I'm telling you these people are bound to hit a glitch at some point because someone entered the information backwards. Anyone who has the power to name a another person and shape their identity and future should really have to pass a logical reasoning test before putting anything on a birth certificate.

That's all I need to say about that.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow and Eggnog.

It snowed today which can only mean one thing: I want eggnog. Preferably eggnog mixed with Baccardi 151 and amaretto.  It also means that and I now have to shower with a space heater in the bathroom. And that I can't leave the house in crocs with no sox. Mostly, though, it means I want eggnog. The thing is eggnog is really bad for you and it's already harder to exercise this time of year because it's cold out but it's not ski season yet and I spend a lot of my spare time huddling for warmth. Also it's only October. I really can't allow myself to have eggnog anytime before thanksgiving. It's just irresponsible. I didn't really do anything today and I've been filling the eggnog sized hole in my life with gin and tonics so I'm not in much of a mood for writing. Sometimes drinking puts me MORE in a mood for writing but I've either not reached that point yet or I've already passed it. It's a fine line between uninhibited creativity and self-indulgent rambling and alcohol tends to polarize it one way or the other for me, so I'm just going to stop right here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I don't feel like typing or thinking so here is a list of all of my past Halloween costumes...or the ones I can remember at least. Some years I just put on random shit and went as whatever. Those years are not included. They might not be in order.

Charlie Chaplin (according to my parents. I don't actually remember this one)
Pumpkin (I peed in my costume)
A dog
A Cat
Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny
Angelica from Rugrats
a "Poot" from the "My Teacher is an Alien" (I won a costume contest that year)
A Barbie in a Box
Nefertiti (NOT Cleopatra. I was studying Egypt at the time)
The Blonde Witch from Hocus Pocus
Kim Possible

Note: a few years in highschool I never dressed up because our fall musical fell on Halloween. My senior year I instituted "Emo Monday" the Monday after Halloween. So that year I was just "An Emo".


Cleopatra (borrowed elements from the 6th grade costume)
Some drunk betch
Roller Girl (with clothes)
A failed Magician
Clown Hooker

The Partially Digested Corpse of Little Red Riding Hood

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I know Nothing About: Episode 1

As my high school physics teacher Mr. Iverson (calling him this is an inside joke of sorts to those who went to my high school) could probably tell you, I tend not to retain information about things in which I have no sustained interest. It isn't a matter of subject difficulty. I can do math in context and I really enjoy certain aspects of science. Evolution and biological systems? Bring it. Geology? Rock on. Ask me to calculate the speed of a hypothetical object thrown at a hypothetical angle, however, and you will quickly observe a certain slack-jawed distance encroaching on my normally attentive demeanor. It's not just physics and math. There are volumes of things that I just don't care about enough to form an informed opinion on. I have decided that every so often I will dedicate a blog entry to ignorant musings on a topic that I have only peripheral knowledge of, and on which I have done no research. I will be candid. I will say a lot of completely biased, morally questionable, and undefendable things. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Today's topic: The Economy

So I'm a smart girl with a healthy smile and I've never had a problem getting a job when I needed one. I know that this isn't always be the case for a lot of people. I also know that people have babies and lawns to maintain and not everyone can afford to take any old job. Meanwhile some people have more money than anyone could possibly need. For whatever reason this doesn't bother me. Social injustices aside I don't really care what other people have as long as they aren't actively coming to my house and stealing things that I love, like my one nice pair of boots and my subscription to Netflix (OK that's not even mine. It's my parents...but you get the point).

So there are rich assholes in the world whose greed knows no bounds. When has that ever NOT been the case? We used to have lords and kings and now we have CEOs and Dick Cheney. Many would argue that because this never changes we need to do something drastic in the name of progress, hence Occupy Wall street and Occupy Burlington (I believe this to be absolute Horseshit. No one who spends any amount of time in Burlington, VT has any power to change anything, really, so just get out of the way and go to class already) and so on and so forth. I would argue, although not very enthusiastically because I actually don't think about it unless prompted, that the world is just kind of shitty like that and you're going to need to be more specific about your demands if you want things to change.

"Fuck rich people" is the general tone of the protests and I have yet to hear a coherent and rational statement about what it is that they are trying to accomplish, when they'd like it to happen by, and what will happen if it doesn't happen. I have no patience for martyrdom and self-indulgent yammering and I AM seeing a whole lot of that so my general patience for the whole thing is pretty limited. If you're thinking of answering these questions for me, please don't. I don't actually care. I'm just saying that as an uninformed observer the protest doesn't seem very effective. So here's my bottom line: My life is peachy. I feel bad for people whose lives aren't so great but I have no proof of whose shitty lives are the fault of some hedge fund manager and whose shitty lives are just a result of their own failures. It happens, you know. Some people are going to have bad jobs not because there are no better jobs but because they are not good at any better things. Also, if one has babies before one is financially able to support them that is just tough titties for one. I am in support of government programs that help feed these kids, but one should not complain about the economy being bad when the real problem is one's own decisions. Also, anyone who doesn't believe in welfare but also does not believe in birth control or abortions should be r euthanized. I am serious about that. I would protest for that if I thought it might help.

I know that some people really have just gotten a shit deal of life and I know that America still has all kinds of problems with racism and elitism and unfair things that might reduce the quality of someones life through no fault of their own. Then there are people who get up in arms because they have to buy store brand orange juice. As you might guess, orange juice is my little metaphor for moderate luxuries and convenience items that we as Americans are convinced were definitely addressed in the constitution somewhere. If you are convinced that you not only need orange juice, but specifically Tropicana, then your feelings of oppression might be somewhat out of proportion.

My favorite cocktail is Grapefruit juice and $6.00 sparkling wine (Cook's). I don't have any babies and I live with my parents so I can afford that. I guess could be sending the $10 that I spend for a few days worth of these things to someone who can't afford bread...but seriously no I'm never going to be that person. Also if I was told that I couldn't have that anymore and I had to walk six miles every day and I had to shop at goodwill I would really be O.K with that after a few minutes of pouting. It's called managing expectations and it's not that hard to do. That being said, I might want to own a home and have kids some day so I would really like to maintain or improve upon my current standard of living which means keeping my expectations high as long as it makes sense. Maybe I'll be attacked by a bear and lose my left arm, my right foot, and my uterus. Then I'd have some serious managing to do. Until then, I happen to have an education, both office and food service experience, and Internet access. Barring catastrophe I should be able to keep shopping at Kohls.

People in support of the protests have been saying things like "If you're not a multi-millionaire and you're not in support of the protests then you're on the wrong side." Just...fuck that entirely. I really don't want to go hang out in the street with a bunch of people who think in such polarized terms. I generally support protest because that's how things like civil rights and suffrage got pushed through. Distribution of wealth is a bit more of a sticky wicket (I assume...I get most of my information from the Daily Show and my New York times Twitter feed) and I think these protests in particular are just exacerbating class issues without solving any problems.

So was that good for you? Did you like that? Are going to stop being my friend now? I hope you understand the purely irreverent nature of this series and that I haven't personally offended anyone. Although if I have I think you need to have a good long think about what it actually means to be offended. You're not injured or traumatized unless you really are a whack job in need of counseling. You haven't been personally attacked. You're not sad or angry, or if you are then "offended" isn't the right word anyway. Taking offense to things is an awful waste of energy, isn't it? Why don't you have a glass of milk and go lie down.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Fascination with Greg Grunberg

So I've been watching Felicity on Netflix for the past couple of weeks. I am now at the beginning of season 3 and Greg Grunberg, who plays Sean Blumberg on Felicity, as well asMatt Parkman on Heroes, and some character whose name I can't remember on the recent (cancelled) show "Love Bites", is a central character. What fascinates me about Greg Grunberg's ability to be cast in these kinds of roles is the fact that he is a legitimately overweight man. This guy has got something figured out. His weight never really gets brought up and his characters always have hot wives or girlfriends and he's never even that nice or funny of a dude. It's not like a "King of Queens" sort of thing where his being unattractive is kind of  the point and everything else plays off of that. He just plays his characters as if he were a much better looking man and the writers seem to be cool with it. I admire the man, although speaking as a woman I do find potential health problems to be somewhat unappealing.

So that's all I really have to say about that. It's just something I've been thinking about. So, Greg Grunberg, if you're reading this, keep up the good work. I know you're in your 40s now, and you might be tempted to lose weight so you can improve the length and quality of your life, but I find you much more interesting as a chubby enigma.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surviving Late October

Now is the time of year in Vermont between peak foliage and snowfall in Vermont. This time also happens to align with a drop in temperature and a lack of clear, sunny days. The Holidays are just far enough away that looking forward to them only makes matters worse. I've had a cold for the last few days so maybe I'm just feeling sensative but I have to say that I'm just sort of generally bummed out in a not particularly serious or important  way. I need a little something to perk me up. My first paycheck should do the trick but that's not til Thursday. The Emma who isn't trying to keep her hair it's natural color until it grows out would dye it right now. I suppose there's Halloween to think about but I don't have any plans yet. I think what I need, actually, is to go out at some point and get sensationally smashed. On alcohol that is. I haven't really done that since I was freshly 21. I usually get sleepy at just passed buzzed and that's the end of that.

In other news we had playoffs for my coed soccer league today. We lost our first game and tied our second and I'm really sure what that means, but needless to say we were not the champions.  Also I felt all phlegmy and gooey and we had plenty of subs so I didn't play as much as I normally would. I rationally understand my choice to do this but I'm a little sad that I didn't play more since it was our last games. I don't know if I'll have time to play indoors this winter. We shall see.

Alright, I feel like this post is just glorified moping, which is not a practice I support, so I'm going to get up and see if I can make myself useful. As the standard apology for a boring post, please enjoy the following image.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Shrine to My Former Glory

Scans of some newspaper articles featuring my physical prowess. Just in case any of you thought "Zen for Losers" was full of lies...and because I'm proud of past-me.Sorry about all the cut off text. I think you get the point.
Also sorry for the duplicate.

 ^ The word "menace" was used. I like that.

 Mandatory mouthgards make for some really flattering pictures.
 I rest my case.
 I am pretty sure I was capable of speaking in coherant, intelligent sentences at this age but, apparently not.
I still have that hat.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Old Bedroom

I don't have a bedroom. I sleep on the couch. This black leopard at the Bronx Zoo and I have a lot in common. We're working on it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Zen For Losers

First of all, I had my first day of work today and It was really good. It's a nice, laid-back environment and the people I met were very friendly and easy to talk to. Also, going to see David Sedaris live was a really wonderful experience. Positive experiences aren't all that interesting, so I'll leave it at that.

The other thing that happened yesterday was that my co-ed team lost our soccer game. We were up 2-0 at the half and all was looking good but somehow things just went wrong. Now, this is just a rec league and it's nothing to get too worked up about in the first place, but my serene response to the loss prompted me to think back on some of my earlier experiences with competition and coping with losing.

I have always been athletically gifted for whatever reason (strong quads, a low center of gravity, and a complete disregard for my own safety would be my best guess).  That paired with the relatively shallow talent pool at the youth level in Vermont lead me  to believe at an early age that I was not only capable of success, but entitled to it. In this case I'll discuss soccer exclusively because I just don't have the energy to get into the details of alpine ski racing. It doesn't have much of a presence in the American cultural conscience and therefor writing about it is really a lot of work. Soccer, on the other hand, is fairly ubiquitous and doesn't have any complicated point systems to explain.

When I was 11 I tried out for, and made, one of the elite soccer teams in Vermont. No one else in the region of Vermont I lived in was on the team. It is also true that  no one else from my region of Vermont had tried out, but I chose to ignore this fact and go ahead and assume a superior attitude. I don't mean to undermine my 11 year old self here- I was really was an extremely fast runner and very good at soccer. I was even a good keeper until it became obvious that 5'2 was as tall as I was ever going to be. Still, though, I think I might have been a just a little too impressed with myself for my own good.

The truth was that as a Vermont team we didn't do very well at the regional level. The best soccer players in Vermont just can't compete against the best soccer players in Maryland or New Jersey. We always prayed for a bracket with Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Our talent pool is small, our weather is inclement, and we tend to play more than one sport due to the seasonal changes. In other, larger, warmer states with less interesting scenery (sorry Massachusetts), soccer might be the only thing the girls do. Year round. 5 days a week. Sometimes a particularly feisty Vermont team might advance at the regional championships, but it would take a really miraculous combination of circumstances for one to actually win. These are all things that I understand and accept NOW. At the ages of 11 through 15, however, all I could feel was the singing embarrassment of losing to a bunch of long-legged, short shorted, high-ponytailed twats.

Despite our record, we had some really good games against some really good teams and I personally had some superhero moments. One of these involved a full 90 minutes of me and the leagues leading scorer (this being the "Super Youth League", mind you) pulling each others hair and gauging each other in the eyes in all out battles for every ball. The opposing coach came up to me after the game and said to me in a scottish accent "Where I come from we have a saying for people like you: you're all full of piss and vinegar"." He then went on to nominate me for the regional squad (I didn't end up getting it, but still). We ended up losing the game 2-1 but I felt like there was no opponent that I couldn't destroy.

This was the summer before my Junior year  at Green Mountain Valley School. It is a private (read: expensive) alpine ski racing academy so everyone had at least a touch of my elitist predilections either on a physical or in many cases, a purely socioeconomic plane. Our soccer team was physically talented, but only a handful of us played outside of the high school season and at any given time as much as half the team might be off in Europe at a training camp. As a result our seasons were short, our practices more focused on conditioning than skill, and we often lost. I didn't like the losing, but I did like being the only one on the team to make the allstate selection each year.  By the time I was a Junior I had begun to feel like I could control the success of my team because of my experiences the previous summer. I played sweeper, and as the last line of defense I often felt like a lone Samurai waiting for the hoards to close in. Sometimes I could stop them. Sometimes, though, I just couldn't.

When I was a Senior we really didn't do very well. The other Senior defenders were mad at me for not respecting them enough, I was having a harder time putting my body in harms way so frequently, and our offense was unwaveringly useless. At some point in one of our final games something inside of me popped. Like carbonation rising from my gut I felt a bubble of irreverence. Who. Fucking. CARES. It wasn't anger, but a sort of giddy relief.  We could win, we could lose, we could all lie down and take a nap for all I cared. I just wanted to be done with it.

Through some glitch(this according to my coach) I didn't get named to the Allstate team that year. I did, however, get named to the Lion State team which was comprised of the best high school seniors in Vermont. We played a game against the best of New Hampshire the following spring. Not only did we lose, but the coach was from a school that never played my high school team, so she didn't know me, and therefor she refused to play me in favor of one of THE FUCKING ALTERNATES for my position from her own school.  I had been named one of the best 11 in the state by Varsity Magazine that year, but whatever. Coachy McBitchface had to have it her way. I guess it still bothers me a little .... Anyway. Bad experience.

 Other than a few small field coed games here and there I didn't play soccer in college. I had classes and friends and other interests to pursue. I considered joining the club team but A) They practiced really early and I spent my whole childhood waking up early and I was feeling pretty done with that. and B) I was having a very nice time NOT living in a black pit of competitive rage. It wasn't until this year, now two summers out of college that I joined a Women's team, and then a co-ed team, and started playing again. I have no rage issues whatsoever. I like to play. I like to win and have good personal moments but mostly I just like to play. Maybe I've simply matured, or maybe having to work through so much competitive drama in my youth and as a teenager really did "build character" and its just now kicking in.

I thought I had a point when I started all of this, apparently not so much, but to be more cogent I would have had to lie. That's something I do all the time in my writing, but it's not really what I want this blog to be like. It doesn't help me.  So, if you're feeling a little mad at me for making you read all of that, here's a nice picture to look at.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 21 (FINAL DAY!)

Today was my last day house sitting  for my grandparents. I wish that I had some sort of profound reflection to offer but mostly I am just excited to be starting work soon and to "re-socialize" myself. I have a busy day tomorrow with my soccer game at 1,  going to see David Sedaris at 7, and Monday being my first day of work. The attire is casual but anyone who knew me when I was working at the hospital knows that I don't really do casual in the work place, or at least not at first. I need some well fitted slacks, a silk blouse, a sweater, and a nice jacket or I am just not going to feel right. I own all of these things but my fall clothing hasn't been fully unpacked yet and I'll have to do some searching, washing (or Dryell-ing), and some ironing.
I'm going to take tomorrow off of writing and think about what the next phase of this blog is going to be. I've enjoyed keeping it up on the daily and even though I know I don't always have anything interesting to say, I'd like to think of a good reason to keep doing it. I could just do it, but I like to have reasons, and goals, and some form of direction.
Thanks to everyone whose been keeping up with this blog. My Blogger "Stats" tell me that someone in Russia has been reading with some regularity. Do I know someone in Russia? If so, I'm sorry that I didn't realize that you are in Russia, whoever you are. If you don't actually know me then Hello! In fourth grade I had a Russian pen pal that was set up through the school. She took ballroom dancing lessons and spoke three languages. I felt very inadequate.
If you were wondering, all I did today was clean and watch Felicity on Netflix. If anyone out there wants to discuss this show with me please let me know because I'm pretty involved at this point know...the show is over a decade old at this point and I don't get many opportunities to bring it up.

Here is another random picture from this computer. We found a shitload of these growing in the woods a while back.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 20

Today was my last full day here. It rained again, but I walked downtown anyway. I needed to get out. I browsed some bookstores and found nothing. I still haven't finished the Bill Bryson book that I bought two weeks ago, anyway. I'm not a really slow reader, I just haven't been reading. My next few days are shaping up as such:
Tonight: Chillaxin.
Tomorrow: Clean the house and the horse stalls. Head home after evening feedings unless my grandparents get delayed.
Sunday: Soccer game at 1:00. David Sedaris at 7:00
Monday: First day of work at Sugarbush.

So I have enough on my plate to feel OK about doing nothing at the moment. I'll do some squats and situps and whatnot but I don't want to sweat so much that I need to take a shower, although I might take a shower anyway because I used a semi-permanent hairdye that was supposed to match my roots (dark blonde) but it came out way too dark so I need to wash it til it lightens up.

So that's everything. Here is a random picture from my computer to entertain you:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 19

It rained all day today. The ferrier came. I finally got the DVD player working and did my Jillian Michaels workout. I watched a Rachael Zoe Project marathon on the style network. Tomorrow I think I'll go to Burlington since once I'm in Moretown I won't have access to the bus system as readily. I might pick up my tickets for David Sedaris at the box office. I'm going to see him on sunday and I'm super duper stoked.
I'm sorry that my life is dull. I could pontificate on the meaning of life and delve into my feelings about the future, but I figure that there will be plenty of time for the once "The Murray Road Project" in over and I go back to Moretown. If I get too introspective while in isolation I'm worried that I'll go into full-on existential crisis mode. To make up for my lack of interesting content in todays post here is a picture of me and The Cat Who Likes to Sleep on My Chest: (the uppercase letters there indicate a literary reference...kind of)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 18

Today I took a bus to TJMaxx. I bought some shoes, a hairbrush, and a stuffed frog that will live at my grandparents house.
Here are some photos I took. They feature the shoes and Ole. Also, there is a picture of the lovely bruise that has developed at the needle site from when I tried to donate blood.

I tried to make steak tips with carmelized onions for dinner but it just didn't taste very good.  I did the three mile walk to the bus stop but I still need to do some more exercise of some kind. I might have to recaffeinate even though it's almost 7 PM. I bought some sugarfree pudding. I plan on making that once I've earned it.
Tomorrow the ferrier is coming and I think it's supposed to rain. No plans as of yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 17

 When I woke up I looked out the window and saw horses on a part of the property where horses are not supposed to be. A board had been broken. The grass on the lawn was long. It was going to be a difficult day.

And it was.


Monday, October 10, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 16

 I am officially bad at giving blood. I ate a big lunch and drank lots of juice before going, I passed my pre-donation physical with "flying colors", my hemoglobin levels were "exellent" and I still got all dizzy and pale almost immediately after they started taking blood. I guess my body is just very particular about the amounts of blood it requires to function normally. When I got lightheaded they put me back into a horizontal position, and doing so caused the needle to move which allowed my body to decide that it was done giving blood, as well as causing an especially obnoxious bruise. When I told him that tI got lightheaded the other times that I gave blood, the man taking my blood told me that no one will hold it against me if I don't try to give blood anymore. I think he's probably right. I seem to be more trouble than my blood is probably worth.

Tomorrow I think I'll take it easy, get some cleaning done, do some writing,  and maybe go for a light run. 

Today I had a protein shake and altogether too much pasta. I have been advised not to exercise. I feel OK about it.

I'm feeling inclined to return to the aformentioned horizontal position for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I'll try to think more interesting thoughts.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 15

 The Murray Road Project: Day 15

Today I had two soccer games with my co-ed team. We won both. SUCK IT, everyone else. Yeah. Anyway. The two games were 2 hours apart and the field was an hour away so that occupied most of my day. I have a large contusion on my shin but I'll take that over a blood blister any day. Tomorrow I am going to donate some blood. Hopefully I won't pass out. I don't have any aesthetic issues with blood but I have a tendancy to get really light headed once the transfer is done and I have to lie down for a while. I don't mind but I usually have someone with me and this time I'll be by myself so I'd rather not cause a scene. The first time I gave blood I literally fainted into a male nurses arms. He didn't find it charming.

Sorry, no pictures today. I tried to take one of my swollen shin but it just looked like I had one really fat leg.

Food today:
Protein shake
spinach (sauteed with shallots and garlic) quasadilla
I'm still hungry....

Exercise: 2 soccer games

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 14

Happy Saturday everyone!
Today I went over to Moretown and moved some sheetrock and played with Hazel. I'm not really sure what I was doing the rest of the time I was there but I didn't get home til around 6, at which point I took Ole for a walk. Photo from that walk will be at the end of this post. Tomorrow I have two soccer games due to last weeks cancellation. One is at 12 and the other is at 3 so I'll have a good chunk of time to kill in Williston. It's supposed to be a beautiful day so I'm happy to have a reason to be outside. On Monday there is a blood drive down at VCFA which is between here and downtown so I'm going to do that. I'm mostly mentioning it to help myself remember. Next week is my last week here and I'm planning on making the most of it. Today I ate a series of small snacks. I was originally going to fast but I was just too hungry. Sit ups and such will have to suffice for exercise.