Monday, October 10, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 16

 I am officially bad at giving blood. I ate a big lunch and drank lots of juice before going, I passed my pre-donation physical with "flying colors", my hemoglobin levels were "exellent" and I still got all dizzy and pale almost immediately after they started taking blood. I guess my body is just very particular about the amounts of blood it requires to function normally. When I got lightheaded they put me back into a horizontal position, and doing so caused the needle to move which allowed my body to decide that it was done giving blood, as well as causing an especially obnoxious bruise. When I told him that tI got lightheaded the other times that I gave blood, the man taking my blood told me that no one will hold it against me if I don't try to give blood anymore. I think he's probably right. I seem to be more trouble than my blood is probably worth.

Tomorrow I think I'll take it easy, get some cleaning done, do some writing,  and maybe go for a light run. 

Today I had a protein shake and altogether too much pasta. I have been advised not to exercise. I feel OK about it.

I'm feeling inclined to return to the aformentioned horizontal position for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I'll try to think more interesting thoughts.

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