Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 21 (FINAL DAY!)

Today was my last day house sitting  for my grandparents. I wish that I had some sort of profound reflection to offer but mostly I am just excited to be starting work soon and to "re-socialize" myself. I have a busy day tomorrow with my soccer game at 1,  going to see David Sedaris at 7, and Monday being my first day of work. The attire is casual but anyone who knew me when I was working at the hospital knows that I don't really do casual in the work place, or at least not at first. I need some well fitted slacks, a silk blouse, a sweater, and a nice jacket or I am just not going to feel right. I own all of these things but my fall clothing hasn't been fully unpacked yet and I'll have to do some searching, washing (or Dryell-ing), and some ironing.
I'm going to take tomorrow off of writing and think about what the next phase of this blog is going to be. I've enjoyed keeping it up on the daily and even though I know I don't always have anything interesting to say, I'd like to think of a good reason to keep doing it. I could just do it, but I like to have reasons, and goals, and some form of direction.
Thanks to everyone whose been keeping up with this blog. My Blogger "Stats" tell me that someone in Russia has been reading with some regularity. Do I know someone in Russia? If so, I'm sorry that I didn't realize that you are in Russia, whoever you are. If you don't actually know me then Hello! In fourth grade I had a Russian pen pal that was set up through the school. She took ballroom dancing lessons and spoke three languages. I felt very inadequate.
If you were wondering, all I did today was clean and watch Felicity on Netflix. If anyone out there wants to discuss this show with me please let me know because I'm pretty involved at this point know...the show is over a decade old at this point and I don't get many opportunities to bring it up.

Here is another random picture from this computer. We found a shitload of these growing in the woods a while back.

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