Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I don't feel like typing or thinking so here is a list of all of my past Halloween costumes...or the ones I can remember at least. Some years I just put on random shit and went as whatever. Those years are not included. They might not be in order.

Charlie Chaplin (according to my parents. I don't actually remember this one)
Pumpkin (I peed in my costume)
A dog
A Cat
Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny
Angelica from Rugrats
a "Poot" from the "My Teacher is an Alien" (I won a costume contest that year)
A Barbie in a Box
Nefertiti (NOT Cleopatra. I was studying Egypt at the time)
The Blonde Witch from Hocus Pocus
Kim Possible

Note: a few years in highschool I never dressed up because our fall musical fell on Halloween. My senior year I instituted "Emo Monday" the Monday after Halloween. So that year I was just "An Emo".


Cleopatra (borrowed elements from the 6th grade costume)
Some drunk betch
Roller Girl (with clothes)
A failed Magician
Clown Hooker

The Partially Digested Corpse of Little Red Riding Hood

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