Monday, October 3, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 9

Today I rode horses and did battle with a sewing machine. After tiring of that, I worked on some writing, and when that got dull, I spent a while thinking of anagrams for my name that would work as pen names. Here are my favorites:

Alma Smerk
Elka Smarm
Merla Smak
Mela Skram

Sam K. Lamer
Les Karmma
Ares Kalmm
Kam Selmar
L. Mark Same

A.K Slammer

Other fun non-name anagrams
Lame Marks
Realm Mask
Meal Arms, K?

If any of these aren't actually anagrams you can point it out if you see fit, but you should know that doing so makes you a gigantic tool and a real dick.

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