Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st

I already had a post called Halloween so I can't call this one that, but today is Halloween. I worked 9-5. I am wearing a hat that Phil bought in China town last year that is either a red bull, a devil monkey, or a devil bull, a red velvet shirt and a blazer. I am the 9-5 Bull. Wordplay, people.

Today was busy because tomorrow is the day that the Sugarbush college pass goes from being $319 to $419 and as we all know, college kids are lazy and love to procrastinate. Apparently they also like to get really high before trying to make large purchases because a surprising number of calls were from people who were in incapable of completing the online pass form. 
I also got to go take a look a our "luxury" accomondations today. The rooms were about as I expected but the halls smelled nice and the stonework around the elevators was comprised of rough but mica-laden granite which I thought was very pretty. These are the two major selling points as far as I'm concerned.

Last night I made eggplant and cutlets parmigianno  for my dads belated birthday dinner and it totally kicked ass.
I'm really tired today. I think Saturday night is catching up with me. At no point in the night was I unmanageably drunk but I did have 4 drinks and stay up past 2 which is not something I do very often.

Tomorrow I am finally moving into an actual room. The one we're renovating isn't done yet but my sister has agreed to move into our finished basement (don't feel too bad for her. There is a gigantic TV and a Wii down there) so I'm going into her room, which is actually my other sister's old room so when she comes home for holidays and such I'll probably be forced back onto the couch but that's OK. I just need a place to manage my belongings.

We don't normally get many trick-o-treaters but in the off chance that one shows up I guess I should be ready. My costume on saturday night was way creepier but this one is much warmer and easier. So I should go think of ways to strike terror into the hearts of small children should any happen upon our home.

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