Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 12

The Murray Road Project: Day 12

It has been so surreally beautiful the past couple of days that it kind of makes me uncomfortable. The sky is clear and the air so perfectly refreshing that I feel like at any moment it's all going to fracture and dissolve into the nightmare that it really is. I should probably mention that a lot of my nightmares begin with surreally beautiful landscapes. October in Vermont is really the ideal climate for me, and I am always nostalgically blissed out this time of year, but I am occasionally overcome with a profound sense of worry when I remember that the beast that is a Vermont winter is lurking on the horizon. I like winter too, but because of my past with ski racing I am conditioned to feel stressed when I think about winter. Anyway, it is really beautiful here right now. You should come visit me. We can drink hard cider and carve pumpkins.

Today I cleaned various things including horse stalls, the kitchen, and one of the horses penises. He had some pretty intense dry skin happening. I won't elaborate.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll go down and have lunch at the Three Penny Taproom because I've been wanting to go there but going to a bar at night by myself is exactly how people get raped and murdered so I'm going to go in the middle of the day instead. Last time I was there they had a really good grilled cheese and roasted fennel sandwich.

Today I had two protein shakes and now I'm going to have a quasadilla with spinch, onion, and chicken.

I rode a horse but I still need to work out. I'll do it during Must See TV. I don't know if that term is still relevant but basically it means Thursdays between 8 and 10.

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