Friday, October 14, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 20

Today was my last full day here. It rained again, but I walked downtown anyway. I needed to get out. I browsed some bookstores and found nothing. I still haven't finished the Bill Bryson book that I bought two weeks ago, anyway. I'm not a really slow reader, I just haven't been reading. My next few days are shaping up as such:
Tonight: Chillaxin.
Tomorrow: Clean the house and the horse stalls. Head home after evening feedings unless my grandparents get delayed.
Sunday: Soccer game at 1:00. David Sedaris at 7:00
Monday: First day of work at Sugarbush.

So I have enough on my plate to feel OK about doing nothing at the moment. I'll do some squats and situps and whatnot but I don't want to sweat so much that I need to take a shower, although I might take a shower anyway because I used a semi-permanent hairdye that was supposed to match my roots (dark blonde) but it came out way too dark so I need to wash it til it lightens up.

So that's everything. Here is a random picture from my computer to entertain you:

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