Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Murray Road Project: Day 14

Happy Saturday everyone!
Today I went over to Moretown and moved some sheetrock and played with Hazel. I'm not really sure what I was doing the rest of the time I was there but I didn't get home til around 6, at which point I took Ole for a walk. Photo from that walk will be at the end of this post. Tomorrow I have two soccer games due to last weeks cancellation. One is at 12 and the other is at 3 so I'll have a good chunk of time to kill in Williston. It's supposed to be a beautiful day so I'm happy to have a reason to be outside. On Monday there is a blood drive down at VCFA which is between here and downtown so I'm going to do that. I'm mostly mentioning it to help myself remember. Next week is my last week here and I'm planning on making the most of it. Today I ate a series of small snacks. I was originally going to fast but I was just too hungry. Sit ups and such will have to suffice for exercise.


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