Wednesday, June 26, 2013

American Progress: A History Of Straight White Christian Males Totally Getting Away With Lots of Nasty Shit

Today the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was deemed unconstitutional. This doesn't mean the struggle for Gay Rights in America is anywhere near over, but it does mean that our Federal Government has recognized that DOMA was a dick move to begin with. This was one of the final frontiers in the limitation of institutionalized oppression. America is still a pretty racist, misogynistic, homophobic place (evidence: the composition of our government. our entertainment preferences. our tolerance of Bill O'Reilly), but that's because we're a nation of assholes on an individual level. The government is full of these same assholes, but they're doing a better job recognizing that no group of assholes should have more rights than another group of assholes.  We're building a better future for our children, who we assume will be innocent. This is how it works. Progress is everything getting a little better for everyone with each new generation. The goal might be equality but the reality is that even if things get better for everyone, the hierarchy stays more or less in tact. 

Here's the thing that bugs me about progress: The worst offenders of creating institutionalized oppression in the first place never have to take their turn being powerless. White Straight Christian Males have never officially had their rights limited in any way. There is a sniveling contingent of shitheads who contend that Affirmative Action oppresses the SWCM but even if that is true it's hard to feel sorry for them when compared to say, lynching? Or not being allowed to vote? Or being diagnosed with Female Hysteria because you're sick of blowing your abusive husband? I know I'm being kind of a cunt about this but I can't help but think we'd have a more balanced society if the SWCR were subjected to just a LITTLE BIT of institutionalized oppression. Maybe just something small like...not being allowed to drive after 10 PM or having to pee at a separate (but equal) urinal. The SWCM's overinflated sense of self is the cause of 90% of the worlds suffering and that is a FACT that I made up so I think it would do us all good if we could find ways to make them feel small. This wouldn't have to be permanent, or even consistent. National Oppress a Straight White Christian Male Day. March 14th. I Think it's a good idea.

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