Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lady Friends- A Dialogue

Lady Friends

“I feel like you’ve been using me for my friendship.”
“ I don’t think you ARE sorry”
“No I didn’t mean “sorry” as in I feel bad...I meant SORRY? as in...I don’t understand what you mean. I enjoy your company and I assumed that you enjoy mine. I was under the impression that this was how friendship works.”
“No but like...I talk about my life and you listen but then you don’t really talk about your life. It feels unbalanced.”
“So I don’t have enough problems?”
“You don’t have to have PROBLEMS to talk about your life.”
“You mostly talk about your problems.”
“Well I have a lot of problems. And I really appreciate how much you’ve helped me through things. But I don’t want our relationship to be based on my problems, you know? What happens when I don’t have any.”
“ That has yet to happen in the three years that I’ve known you but I see your point. I still don’t understand how I’m using you.”
“ Well am I just something to keep you entertained in between boyfriends? It’s almost like you’re saving your good material for someone else.”
“ That might be true but you’re the one who gets to hear about my bowel movements.”
“ And you mine. Don’t change the subject.”
“You’re right, I think. I think I prioritize romantic relationships over friendships even when I’m not getting any.”
“Female relationships are very important.”
“Did they tell you that at Lesbian orientation?”
“No that was in the required summer reading.”
“When does fisting come up?”
“Oh that’s senior thesis material.”
“What goes on at the PhD level?”
“Mostly adopting Chinese babies.”

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