Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Existential Backlash of Building a Wardrobe

First, a series of pictures:

These are boxes from Ikea. Inside are the components of my new wardrobe.
Below: My old wardrobe

Before starting the project. I am...less than stoked.

Before building begins I need to make some floor space. The solution is visually disturbing.

There just isn't enough space.


 What my bed looks like on a good day.
Gettin' organized.


An organized wardrobe makes getting dressed fun. Excuse the bras.

So I built a wardrobe. My room finally looks like a reasonably organized young adult lives there. So now what? For the last three months I've spent most of my free time finding an apartment, moving in and out of various spaces, keeping track of my shit and slowly collecting the necessary components of a comfortable life. Now I'm kind of done with that, which feels profoundly weird.  I'm collected and comfortable albeit a little short on cash thanks to all of the trips to Ikea and security deposits and the alarming rate at which I destroy socks, tights, and the soles of my shoes. But the thing is when I finished my wardrobe and went about reorganizing everything I felt  that I had everything I need. I'm simultaneously thrilled and slightly unnerved by the fact that I can relax and go about the business of living. I'm not new anymore. I'm not worried about what comes next. I'm free to spend my free time skulking around Prospect Park looking for hip famous people and work on my tan (this is a joke. I don't get tan). To be honest I still haven't found a doctor or a dentist or changed my residency or the address on my checks so I'm not fully, technically, or even remotely done establishing myself in New York, but that will all get done. In the meantime I'm having a little bit of trouble processing meaning in my life now that I'm settled. That sounds serious but it's just a dramatic way of saying that I need to work on my social life. So call me if you know me and you live in Brooklyn because I really don't know what to do with myself. I don't have much money to spend on outings but I can help you build things from Ikea.

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