Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things I Know Nothing About: Some Thoughts On Poor People

This post is going to get potentially offensive real fast so just roll with it and keep in mind I am in no position of power whatsoever so all of my stupid opinions have very little, if any impact on the world around me. So if you find yourself enraged by the content of my musings just keep in mind that your anger isn't doing anything except raising your blood pressure so just chill out and go eat some frozen yogurt or something. Also I'm aware that I'm a giant hypocrite so there's really no need to dwell on that.


I hate politics. I really do. Choosing the lesser of two evils is an exhausting process and I really don't believe that either party is working in favor of my well-being. While I know that serving the overall well-being of the country is supposed to be the point of Democracy, I really just can't be bothered to wade through the bog of absolute horse-shit that is campaign politics if none of it is going to help or hurt me that much anyway. See, I believe that our country is already a massive sack of crap so I don't really see how it could get any worse. That being said, I don't think its all that bad right now. Yeah the economy is shitty, yeah a bunch of old religious bastards are trying to fuck with Women's health issues, and yeeeeah we need to do a better job at not letting greedy assholes get away with their nonsense. Those problems aren't going anywhere. Neither Obama nor Romney nor the reanimated corpse of JFK are going to fix any of that. I'm upset by the current state of Politics but I'm not actually worried. So that's how I feel about that. The reason I bring this up is because I'd like to discuss one particularly disturbing dynamic in the current Presidential campaign. I figured this could use a little preface about my political beliefs so it doesn't seem like this post is an angle towards one party over the other.
It makes me nauseous when rich politicians imply that poor people are long suffering souls who could have a better life if only the [opposing political party] weren't making decisions. Sometimes poor people are people who got the shit end of the stick and yes there are vicious cycles that keep poor people poor and make it very difficult to change one's station in life. However, some poor people are not as well off as they could be because they spend their extra money on TVs and Video games instead of saving for education and building their credit. I know its not fucking fair to judge poor people for buying what better off people can easily afford but, shit, not every person who is having a hard go of things is a single mother whose husband died in 9-11 (not that I think THAT'S an excuse for anything at this point) and not everyone making minimum wage should be pandered to and treated like everything they do is noble. Having more kids than you can afford is not noble. Buying three packs of cigarettes a day pretty much negates any claim that you might have been able to make that the government is responsible for your problems. Not educating your god damn kids about sex because of your religion is not a choice that you are entitled to. It's a failure. You're failing your children, failing your community, and failing the country.  I'm starting to sound a little elitish (not elitist mind you) and bitchy but my point is actually that poor people do not need to be treated like martyrs because the ones who really are noble are probably also smart enough to know when they're being lied to and the rest of them would benefit much more from a hefty dose of reality. I'd like for candidates to say more often that the road to a better economy isn't going to be easy on a personal level. Lower taxes, higher taxes, more jobs, less jobs, its still up to the individual to keep their life on track. Then again, Politicians can't support personal financial responsibility because they want people to buy shit so it looks like the economy is improving. Everyone being in debt and not being able to afford to send their kids to decent schools isn't really an improvement...but whatever. Not pulling in the wages you'd like? Buy a Kindle and go eat a steak with your excess cash this month. It's the American thing to do.

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