Sunday, August 4, 2013


Just woke up from very vivid dream.  Decided it needed to be recorded. I will publish without editing and review in the morning. 2:36 AM. Last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep it was right around midnight. Woke up in a clear, alert state; tingling. I've rolled off my pillow despite having a twin bed. My audio book that I fell asleep listening to is just finishing. I don't feel any need to analyze this Im just so impressed that I remember so much. I might even go back and try to draw pictures to go along with the story. That's how exactly I remember the details. This really hasn't happened in a very long time.

*note from writer from 3 AM when I've woken up a bit and read through what I wrote. I want to make it clear that it's been a very long time since I did any kind of drug that would incur anything like what I described in the dream. Did I used incur correctly? That's a problem for daytime Emma.

The following is what I wrote as soon as I could:

 Spooky cult DRUG CLUB called the rabbit hole or some shit. I acutally think the name might have changed a few times in the dream. Mad Hatter type figure with one fang that is dripping green on sign. From the street you can look down onto a patio which is one story down from street level and there are dreamy stary people lying all over each other all the time just looking straight up out of their minds but in a really happy way. Absynthe? I go in because I'm curious.

To get in, you go to a lobby which is dark and small with a few reddish lights and you have to have a conversation with some guy downstairs on the phone (or maybe his voice was on a speaker in the room) and there's a tongue that becomes a slide. (I cannot explain the mechanics of this. It just was) At first I don't get in because I dont like the questions (I dont remember what they were but they seemed really personal and made me me scared) so I leave. Then some vaguely european lady named Rita keeps calling me trying to get me to come back except  I don't know where she's calling from so that didn't make sense.

We (myself and some cast members from various seasons of SKINS? Not sure) decide to go back together. We somehow go down the tongue slide without having to answer questions. I guess maybe because I was there before. I remember thinking in the dream that I didn't understand how all those people I saw outside could look so happy having had to go through what I went through to get in. In the dream I never remember what I drank or ate or who I spoke to when I got there.

If I remember correctly we went once, I blacked out but woke up still in the club and everyone else seemed to have a lot of fun. It was a lounge set up and pretty normal looking despite what the upstairs is like. There was only going down the slide and then "waking up" later not knowing what had happened. My friends, maybe actually someone from gossip girl? still not sure where I conjured these people from,  were very confident and manipulative and apparently liked drugs a lot. The second time we go I black up and wake up on the subway with one of these new friends. This one has red hair and that is all I remember. I say something like "oh thank god we're not still in that club!" and he gives me a strange look.

We get off the train and I am obviously on some kind of drug because I see a ledge and I keep freaking out that I'm going to fall off, like I really feel like the ledge is pulling me towards it, so I get on the ground and sort of scuttle backwords from it crab style screaming please help I'm going to fall just hold my arms or something! Someone grabs me and then I black out again. When I wake up I can't open my eyes or see anything but I know that I am spewing foam from my mouth. Like the kind you get if you put an alka seltzer tab directly in your mouth but more. I keep spewing until finally I can stop and then I can see again and there are now three people there and one of them is covered in foam but theyre laughing so I laugh too. I feel confused because I thought obviously the next step is that we all investigate whats going on with this place but apparently its just a grand old time for everyone but me. "Oh yeah, that one is crazy" one of the random actors who I still can't place says to me. How do they all know what I took but I don't? What's going on here (these are the things I was thinking in the dream right before my eyes snapped open). I was out of breath which makes me think I had actually stopped breathing during the foaming mouth part of the dream.

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