Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fun With History: New York City Neighborhoods

When I moved to New York I wished very much that Bill Bryson had written a book about it, detailing the culture and history of every neighborhood in every borough in his casually likable but credible voice. I want "Notes from a Small Island: Greater NYC redux". It occurred to me today though that I could just write it. I can go to a different neighborhood each week, research it's history, and write about what I see while I'm there. I can visit any notable museums and any particularly famous institutions (as long as they are in my price range). This blog can serve as a way to take notes and then I'll compile everything at the end of the week.

Monday, which I have off, can be for museums, lunch at storied establishment, and library day.

During the week I get off at 5 PM so as long as the neighborhood doesn't take too long to get to I can buzz over for a couple hours of sight-seeing and note taking. I work on W35th street which means I have pretty much any train at my disposal.

The far off neighborhoods will have to be saved for Mondays, or Sundays if public transportation in cooperating. Sundays, I think, will be mostly for writing and research (and cleaning my room since this is shaping up to take up pretty much all of my free time).

I'll still need to find time to go to the gym at least 3 times a week because I just signed on for a year. The good news is that I paid the extra ten bucks a month to be able to go to any location, so any neighborhood that has a Planet Fitness is a neighborhood that I can go to after work so I have time to do both.

I think this is a great plan and I intend on starting tomorrow. I would start today but I haven't been anywhere yet and Sundays really are my laundry and cleaning day.

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