Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Important Dates in February

As with all winter Holidays, Valentines Day, although a slightly backwards construct of a consumer society, is really just a widespread coping mechanism for Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the general winter blues. It's what tides us over between New Years and the beginning of Spring. It's a pretty stupid thing to even HAVE an opinion about, but because I need something to blog about I am going to take a crack at it.

First of all, Valentines Day is 14 Days before my birthday so it's never really been that important to me. I already have my coping mechanism built into my psyche. Also any Holiday that doesn't get you a day off of school or time and a half pay at work isn't worth getting too worked up over. That being said, I am a girl who likes candy and festive cocktails so even when I was single I have never been anti-Valentines Day. If you are single on Valentines Day you can buy yourself presents and if you are in a relationship its a nice reminder to pull yourself out of the daily grind and remember how lucky you are. Presents can either be bought or not and if you are in a healthy relationship it really shouldn't be that difficult to figure out. The only people that have to have a crappy time on Valentine's Day are people in BAD relationships and people who have warped ideas about the nature of romantic love.

As my relationship has been temporarily filed as "long distance" I am spending Valentine's Day with my family this year. My parents bought each other some chocolates and alcohol and because I am pretty much all up in their space there is really nothing they can do to keep me from eating and drinking as much as I please. Also I bought tuna, scallops, and chocolate that has chipotle and poprocks in it.

Time to eat.  Also I'm bored. And a little drunk.

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