Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Not Dead!

I worked for 11 days straight and then I went to New York for 3 days and then I worked for another 6 days and until just now I haven't had much time to sit down and indulge all of my silly little thoughts (this is my definition of blogging). That all started on 2/16. Here are some things that have happened since then.

1) I turned 24. I received level 1 of Rosetta stone for Spanish. I asked for it because I am moving to New York and my work experience is all Food Service and Hospitality. I am going to need some Spanish.

2) I had a customer at the Waffle job that said to me "We paid you thousands of dollars to cater our sons Bar Mitzvah so I know what a fresh waffle tastes like". This after being served a waffle that had been on the cooling rack for all of 90 seconds. I summoned all of my inner courtesy and made a fresh batch but for the next two days I fantasized that she would come back and be rude again so I could refuse to sell her waffles. I fantasized specifically that she would stand in line for 45 minutes and then be rude and then I'd be all like "Ma'am I obviously don't need your business badly enough to allow you to speak to me that way. NO waffles for you!" and then she'd start throwing a fit and then I would take her picture on my iphone and print it out and stick it on the wall with a note in big angry letters that would say BANNED FOR ETERNITY.

3) I bought some kickass green cords, an awesome sweater, and a headband with a rediculous bobble on top all for 100 dollars at Anthropologie in NYC. You might not realize this but that makes me a shopping EXPERT.

4)All of my bosses gave their consent to be references and one even wrote me a very nice letter. This makes me feel better about the future.

You would think more would have happened but that's pretty much everything. I'm plotting my next blog move. I'm thinking it might involve VIDEO posts. So get ready for that.

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