Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid March Malarkey

First off all no Real Book Project again today. I'm a little sick my voice is all...incapable. I Can't hit an A above middle c in chest voice and everything I try to sing comes out sounding like scratchy Indie nonsense. I am not putting that malarkey on the Internet.

Anyway so I finished up my job in Reservations and now I have midweeks free until I figure out my next move. This week I am going to NYC to try to line up a summer sublet. I will be there Tues-Fri and then I work the weekend wafflin' so I probably won't have time to write. I am going to try to remember my camera and maybe take some pictures though.

In other news it has been around 70 degrees in Vermont for the past few days and I am really enjoying but it makes me really anxious because knowing Vermont this probably means that we are either going to get another 3 feet of snow in April or it's going to rain for 5 days straight and we're going to have another flood. Or something. I'm just saying that Vermont be a fickle hellcat and her heart is full of wrath.

In case it does stay warm, though, I need to get up to the mountain and get some runs in before the end of the season. That means end of post.

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