Friday, April 6, 2012

Notes from Central Park

As much as I hate Blogging from my phone, I also don't feel like walking any more at the moment so I figured I might as well jot down some thoughts on the fly. Let me give you a run down of my day thus far.
1- Departed by subway from w96th street and rode down to 14th and 8th ave.
2- went to the bank. Deposited my very last waffle paycheck.
3- Went to Anthropologie @ Chelsea market. I had a gift card from my wonderful boyfriend.
4- walked from Chelsea market to Eataly on 23rd and 5th. It was too big and scary. I left and ate at chipotle instead :(.
5- walked up Broadway to the Manhattan mall on 34th so I could pee and change into my "city flats" as the balls on my feet were starting to feel like raw sores in my boots.
6- took the btrain to 7th and 5somehingth and walked to the park
7- in the park I started following a guy walking three really cute shelties (shetland sheepdogs). I'm not sure what I thought might happen. Would he see me admiring them and offer for me to play with them? Or maybe keep one forever? He had three, afterall. I tried to take a picture without him noticing but it didn't work. Eventually I realized that he was going the wrong direction and I returned to my northwesterly course.

And that's where I am. Somewhere near 90th street near the resevoir. It's around 3 pm and it's really nice out. Here are the pictures I did manage to take. They are mostly of trees.

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