Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Profound State Of In Betweenyness

On May 9th I have an interview for a job in NYC that's a really good fit and pays pretty well and I feel pretty confident about it. But the interview isn't for ten days. In the meantime I don't have a whole lot to do. Until I know about this job one way or the other I'm kind of in limbo. Ten days is soon enough that I can afford to wait til after I know one way or the other until I start applying for jobs again but just far enough away that I can expect to sufficiently drive myself crazy in the meantime. Furthermore until I know whether or not I have a job I shouldn't really spend any money. I'm even taking a $5 bus down to the city for the interview as opposed to my usual $53 dollar train. One of the productive things I could be doing is packing up my stuff for the move but A)that's actually still over two months away and B)I need to buy a really big suitcase and I don't want to do that until I know I have a job.

My options for activities that do not involve spending money are writing, playing music, playing with my dog, cleaning, exercising. There is also the option of being a lazy lump and just watching TV all day. Not the worst set of options, I know, but this is a solid ten days we're talking about here. I am going to need a schedule, a meal plan,  and specific daily goals if I want to get the end of each day not feeling like I'm wasting my youth om feckless meandering. Oh, to be a Nihilist!

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