Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dress Well And Walk With Purpose

I probably shouldn't wear my bright blue elastic ankle Victoria's Secret sweatpants out of the house when I get to New York. I probably shouldn't even bring them with me.  Bu they're so comfy and bright! Can't I be comfortable if I'm at least colorful? No. One does not move to New York City and insist of wearing sweatpants in public. I'm sure people do it. There are all kinds of people in New York and not all of them give a shit about what they're wearing. My hope for New York (for at least the first few six months or so) is that it will inspire me to be the best version of myself where I feel like a badass even when I'm not really going anywhere.  For me that's when I'm dressed well and walking with purpose. Ideally I have a caffeinated beverage in one hand and a attache case or shopping bag in the other so no one tries to hand me anything on the street. Even when I'm making a beeline to Duane Reade for tampons and pimple cream and heading straight back to the apartment to wallow I plan on wearing a blazer and proceeding as if I'm on my way to meet someone important. "Oh these? They're not for me. They're for Brooke Shields." no. I don't think Brooke Shields gets her period.

My sweatpants are actually cooler than this. The lettering is embroidered and outlined in rainbow and goes all up and down the leg. And there's a tiny silver  pocket on the butt. They are both awesome and completely heinous.

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