Monday, May 14, 2012

I Am Moving To New York Prior To May 30th

Pending a background check and a bit of bureaucracy I will in all likelihood  be starting my new job in NYC on May 30th. This is great! The only complication is that my sublet doesn't start til June 15thish (Actually July 1st, officially...but...I got a little lucky). So I have to find a place to live for two weeks where I have enough personal space to mentally process the stress of a new job, a new city, and an abrupt departure from Vermont. A hostel, people's couches, and tiny rooms with no closet or bureau just won't do. I have two weeks to sort it out and I have connections to fall back on and enough savings that I'll be able to foot a motel in Brooklyn if I need to for at least some of the time. I'm not worried...but I am feeling a little frantic about the whole thing. Excited, but frantic. So I need diversions in between the endless hours of scouring the internet for lodging options and obsessing over which of my clothes are taking the initial trip with me. Making lists soothes me, so here are my lists of things that I need/want/hope to do between now and May 28th (I plan on taking a bus down that morning to wherever I end up staying).


 What Needs to Get Done
Pack A Bigass suitcase with at least 2 weeks of clothing, towels, makeup, shoes, and a computer
Fix My Computer and/or Buy A New One

What Really Should Get Done
Pack up everything I'm leaving behind for now so it's not in the way
Give Away/Sell All Not-New-York-Worthy Clothes

What I'd Like To Get Done
1 Hour of Rosetta Stone Spanish Per Day
Continue with The Real Book Project
45 Minutes of Cardio Every Day

Regarding The Real Book Project

Instead of doing whatever songs I feel like, and not actually doing that very often, I will go by this alphabetical list, which is based off whatever songs first come to mind when I think of each letter. Some I've done before. Some I'll have to learn from scratch.

A-All Of Me
B- Black Coffee
C- Cry Me A River
D- Don't Explain
E- Evry Time We Say Goodbye
F-  Fly Me To The Moon
G- Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
H- How Insensitive
I- In A Sentimental Mood
L- Lush Life
M- Misty
N- (The) Nearness of You
O- On A Slow Boat To China
P- Pennies From Heaven
Q- Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcavado)
R- Round Midnight
T- There Is No Greater Love
U-Unchain My Heart (This Is the only U song in the Real Book)
W- What A Little Moonlight Can Do
X- Ha...yeah right.
Y- You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Z- TBD...probably not gonna happen

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