Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Excercise In Not Taking Myself Too Seriously

I was going to do a Real Book post today and I just didn't like the way my voice was sounding and my piano playing is particularly atrocious today. It was making me feel bad about myself and generally frazzling my composure. I realized that was silly. My blog shouldn't stress me out. But I wanted to get something recorded today so I decided to sing a song partially in a silly voice. I also decided to wear a ridiculous hat. I chose a Beatles song because John Lennon was always asking engineers to make his voice not sound like his voice. All My Lovin came up on my Pandora while I was working out last night and its been stuck in my head so I whipped out our Beatles fake book and got down to business. I did change the key on this one because my Silly Voice is a little inflexible.

Here is the same video sped up to 110%  just for fun.

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