Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why I Believe that Louis C.K is Important

As a 23 year old female with a healthy body image and no kids it is strange to me that I often see my own world views reflected in the comedy of Louis C.K (Including "Louie", his show on FX).  Many of his jokes revolve around masturbation, 40 something male body issues, and the general grossness of being Louis C.K. I am not middle aged and I am not a dude so I understand that this aspect of his comedy isn't really FOR me. However, Louis C.K and his television alter-ego both seem to live in a world in which nothing is sacred, and that is the same world where I spend a lot of my time. Be it sensitive race and gender issues, suicide, his ex-wifes nipples, or his daughters vagina, Louis C.K is always ready to strip away expectations of what is politically correct and present a jovial middle finger to all that is good and decent. 

Unlike other comedians I don't get the sense that his aim is to be subversive just for the sake of being subversive. In fact, I get the feeling that he doesn't really care what he may or may not be subverting through his comedy. Pointing out and exaggerating all of life's absurdities doesn't necessarily mean that he has any kind of social agenda. Then again, he might. I don't actually know him.

I know that I am not the first person on earth to find Louis C.K funny. He is a very popular comic and he has his own show and it is widely understood that he is very good at what he does. I guess my point is that his particular approach to comedy is one that I think more people should try to adopt in their approach to life whether they're trying to be funny or not. One can be happy and productive in this world without allowing important issues in life to take on such gravity that you can't get around them or see through them.

Louis C.K talks a lot about how disgusting he is. Maybe he is particularly disgusting but what he is also doing is reminding us that we are ALL disgusting. It is hard to consider humanity precious when we so frequently debase ourselves in the name of our most unrefined instincts. The inability to laugh at one's own grossness is the main cause of shame, and shame breeds all sorts of unpleansantness. I realize that many people are simply incapable of this kind of unburdened self-reflection because maybe they are Catholic or grew up In Evangelist Land or simply have no sense of humor. Those people are doomed to a life of misery one way or the other so I try not to ask about how they're going to react to things. The answer is always "Irrationally". Still, I think instead of having the President address the country every few months maybe Louis C.K should do it instead. Humanity is not precious or  sacred and neither is America. It's all in our heads and the sooner we accept these things the sooner we can get on with it and deal with what we've got instead of worrying about how great things could be.

OK. That's all. No conclusion. The End.

Someday I might do some research and actually take notes during Louie or Louis C.Ks standup and write a more formal essay about this because the more I write the more I agree with myself. This is a daily blog though and I really don't have the time to get all scholarly on you.

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